Month: November 2018

NSC 66: Using Cloud Storage Securely with Boxcryptor

Cloud Storage Cloud storage is a wonderful thing, it allows us to upload a backup of our files anywhere in the world. We can access our files at any point we choose. This is a great convenience brought to us by the internet and big data companies. Like all things, with great convenience comes great…
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NVC 49: Lies

Emotional Clues Lies can also generate emotions, ranging from the excitement and pleasure of “pulling the wool over someone’s eyes”, to fear of getting caught, to feelings of guilt. Darwin first suggested that emotions tend to manifest themselves in the facial expressions, as well as in voice tones, and that these can be reliable enough…
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NVC 48: Aviation Security

There are many people in the field of Aviation Security who feel the problem with aviation Security in the United States is that we are too focused on the item and not the person. Focusing on a passenger’s demeanor and subsequent answers to simple trip story questions can reveal possible deception and maybe even evidence…
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Stateless Password Managers | NSC #65

Password Managers Tired of having to update your offline password manager on all of your devices when you add a password. Don’t trust cloud password managers? You’re in luck. During our courses, we always talk about two different types of password managers: offline and online. An offline password manager (ie. KeepassXC) stays on your local…
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