Month: March 2019


FreeTube: An Open Source Youtube Client | NSC #74

Youtube Without Google Have you ever wanted to watch Youtube without tracking, restrictions and a Google account? Well, you can with Freetube, an open source Youtube client. Keeping Track of your Videos with Freetube Freetube allows you to “subscribe” to all of your favorite Youtube channels without the need for a Google account. It has…
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oj simpson

NVC 56: OJ Simpson Interrogation Part Seven

This interrogation of OJ Simpson was conducted by Philip Vannatter and Thomas Lange, the Los Angeles Police Department’s chief investigators of the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. With this article, we are focusing on the types of questions . Remember in previous articles I have spoke of the value of Cognitive type questioning…
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Private File Sharing with OnionShare | NSC #73

OnionShare OnionShare uses the TOR network to securely and anonymously send or receive files with a remote party anywhere in the world. It does this by temporarily spinning up a TOR node on your computer, creating a unique TOR site, and allowing the remote party to either download or upload from the TOR browser. Security…
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