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equifax settlement

Equifax Settlement: What You Need To Know | NSC #82

Back in 2017, Equifax suffered a massive data breach that compromised 145.5 million American’s and an additional 700,000 UK and Canadians personal data. This data included names, social security numbers, birth dates, addresses, and driver’s license numbers. This was due to Equifax’s inability to keep up with security patches for their web platform. If you…
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AnonAddy: Email Compartmentalization | NSC #81

If it were possible to keep up with 20 to 30 different email addresses, we’d do it to compartmentalize our accounts, loyalty cards, family members we don’t like, etc. It’s not possible to remember more than maybe three to five different email addresses, so we look for simpler solutions. So let’s look at AnonAddy, an…
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Decentraleyes: A Local CDN Browser Add-On | NSC #80

Every time you reach out to a website, you are actually reaching out to multiple websites at the same time. Oftentimes, website owners will use Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to serve resources. They do this to help improve page load time and to eliminate the update cycle for each resource. jQuery, a script that runs…
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windows password reset

Windows Password Reset | NSC #79

Physical Security Physical security is very important when it comes to important things in our daily lives. It’s the reason we lock up our valuables, our homes, and our cars. We want to keep our stuff safe, but that doesn’t really translate to the digital world. People typically feel confident leaving their computers unattended as…
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keeshare synchronize test

KeeShare: Secure Password Sharing | NSC #78

Secure Password Sharing We talk about storing passwords a lot, but what about sharing passwords? If your child asks you for your Netflix password, how do you get it to them? What about shared work accounts? In this article, we will offer a secure alternative to texting your passwords: KeeShare. Password Sharing Options There are…
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MalwareBytes Premium | NSC #77

Overview MalwareBytes has been a trusted name throughout the cybersecurity industry for years. We have used MalwareBytes Free throughout our courses since the beginning of our Non-Standard Communications course. By now, thousands of our students have downloaded and used it on their personal and work computers. We have never had a reason to use or…
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Why Your Current Email Provider Sucks | NSC #76

Email Providers Want to know how bad your email provider is? Scroll down for a few examples from many popular email providers. Gmail Google Explains Exactly How It Reads All Your Email – April 14, 2014 Google admits it’s reading your emails – April 15, 2014 Google will no longer read your emails to personalise…
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blurred home

Blur Your Home on Street Level Maps | NSC #75

Blur Your Home on Street Level Maps Pictures of Your Home What if I told you there was a car driving around the world taking pictures of everything including your home? What if I told you there was multiple? If I told you these pictures are posted on the internet for anyone with internet access…
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FreeTube: An Open Source Youtube Client | NSC #74

Youtube Without Google Have you ever wanted to watch Youtube without tracking, restrictions and a Google account? Well, you can with Freetube, an open source Youtube client. Keeping Track of your Videos with Freetube Freetube allows you to “subscribe” to all of your favorite Youtube channels without the need for a Google account. It has…
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oj simpson

NVC 56: OJ Simpson Interrogation Part Seven

This interrogation of OJ Simpson was conducted by Philip Vannatter and Thomas Lange, the Los Angeles Police Department’s chief investigators of the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. With this article, we are focusing on the types of questions . Remember in previous articles I have spoke of the value of Cognitive type questioning…
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