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Armadillo USB Firewall | NSC #72

The Next Evolution of the USG Back in July of 2017, we reviewed a product called the USG, a USB Firewall capable of blocking most USB attacks. This is accomplished by having separate processors on both ends of the devices that are completely isolated from each other. These processors can only communicate certain predefined commands…
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virtualbox guest additions

Quick Guide to Windows 10 in VirtualBox | NSC #71

During our Non-Standard Communications courses, one key take-away is the ability to run Windows inside a VirtualBox for both compatibility purposes and for security benefits. With a virtual machine running Windows 10, you have the ability to do whatever you want and clean up afterwards with no fear of destroying your computer. Keywords Host MachineYour…
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OnlyKey Durability

OnlyKey Durability Tests | NSC #70

Why Do OnlyKey Durability Tests? We recently sat down with the creator of Onlykey, the hardware password manager. One thing that came up during our conversation was the durability of the Onlykey. If we are going to recommend carrying this around with your passwords on it, it needs to be able to withstand everything. We’ve…
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Mailfence Encrypted Email | NSC #69

Mailfence is a Belgium based email service that supports PGP without any third party software or addons. This allows you to send encrypted messages to and from user of Protonmail, Thunderbird w/ Enigmail or any other platform that supports PGP. With Mailfence, you do all of this from the web interface with little to no…
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Why Does My Password Matter? | NSC #68

Encryption Whether it be full disk encryption, PGP, Veracrypt containers, or any other way to encrypt a file or a message, you need a good password to protect it. This is especially important when protecting sensitive information. Without a good password, you don’t have good encryption, period. Let’s take AES-256 for instance, a 256 bit…
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NSC 67: Whisply & OnlyKey Updates

Secure File Transferring with Whisply With encryption becoming more popular in recent years, there is no lack of means to send encrypted files in this digital age. The only issue we face is the ease of use with some of these tools. As we saw with Boxcryptor in our last issue, it is possible to…
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NSC 66: Using Cloud Storage Securely with Boxcryptor

Cloud Storage Cloud storage is a wonderful thing, it allows us to upload a backup of our files anywhere in the world. We can access our files at any point we choose. This is a great convenience brought to us by the internet and big data companies. Like all things, with great convenience comes great…
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Stateless Password Managers | NSC #65

Password Managers Tired of having to update your offline password manager on all of your devices when you add a password. Don’t trust cloud password managers? You’re in luck. During our courses, we always talk about two different types of password managers: offline and online. An offline password manager (ie. KeepassXC) stays on your local…
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New Raspberry Pi & KeepassXC Browser | NSC #64

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A New Sudo Has Entered: MySudo | NSC #63

Out With The Old, In With MySudo Earlier this year, the beloved Sudo iPhone app that gave users the capability to have nine different phones numbers on one device, suddenly died. It was reborn into a new app dubbed MySudo with a new look and feel and became a paid subscription app. As we’ve already…
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