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OnlyKey: Hardware Password Manager | NSC #62

OnlyKey The OnlyKey is a really easy to use hardware password manager. It allows you to store 12 unique user accounts on the device. Each account requires a unique physical interaction on the device to activate. Couple this with a software password manager and you can use it for thousands of unique accounts. The OnlyKey…
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Squealock: Not Recommended | NSC #61

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NSC 60: New WPA2 Vulnerability Discovered

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NSC 59: Protonmail External PGP Support

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NSC 58: Google Alternatives Part Three: App Stores II

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NSC 57: Google Alternatives Part Three: App Stores

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Cell Phone Location Tracking | NSC #54

Cell Phone Tracking Let’s explore something that we know can happen and is, in fact, happening whether you opt in or not. Recently there has been quite a bit of news concerning Securus, a prison phone telecom company that has the capability to track an individual’s phone. The main issue that tech sites have been…
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