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windows password reset

Windows Password Reset | NSC #79

Physical Security Physical security is very important when it comes to important things in our daily lives. It’s the reason we lock up our valuables, our homes, and our cars. We want to keep our stuff safe, but that doesn’t really translate to the digital world. People typically feel confident leaving their computers unattended as…
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blurred home

Blur Your Home on Street Level Maps | NSC #75

Blur Your Home on Street Level Maps Pictures of Your Home What if I told you there was a car driving around the world taking pictures of everything including your home? What if I told you there was multiple? If I told you these pictures are posted on the internet for anyone with internet access…
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virtualbox guest additions

Quick Guide to Windows 10 in VirtualBox | NSC #71

During our Non-Standard Communications courses, one key take-away is the ability to run Windows inside a VirtualBox for both compatibility purposes and for security benefits. With a virtual machine running Windows 10, you have the ability to do whatever you want and clean up afterwards with no fear of destroying your computer. Keywords Host MachineYour…
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