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MalwareBytes has been a trusted name throughout the cybersecurity industry for years. We have used MalwareBytes Free throughout our courses since the beginning of our Non-Standard Communications course. By now, thousands of our students have downloaded and used it on their personal and work computers. We have never had a reason to use or even consider using anything else. What we have never really explored though is MalwareBytes Premium version. It claims to be able to replace Anti-Virus and then some. Is it possible to just pay for a premium license and never worry about installing Anti-Virus? Let’s see what it has to offer.

MalwareBytes Free vs Premium

Real-Time ProtectionNoYes
Scheduled ScansNoYes
Web ProtectionNoYes
Automatic UpdatesNoYes
Automatic QuarantineNoYes

MalwareBytes Premium adds a few key features, mainly real time protection and scheduled scans. With this, you can set it and forget it. No more worrying about running your daily or weekly scan, you can set up a schedule for it to run automatically or just let the defaults take care of it. MalwareBytes claims to be able to replace Anti-Virus with this real time protection. See below for our exploration of that topic.

As far as an Anti-Malware platform, it works great. Every time we come in contact with a computer that is destroyed with malware, we reach straight for MalwareBytes, rather than an Anti-Virus. It just does the job so much better than a traditional Anti-Virus. With Premium, they add a few extra features such as exploit and ransomware protection. In all our tests, we were unable to run any malicious files on our test bench.


An Anti-Virus Replacement?

Before you go out and buy MalwareBytes and replace your perfectly fine Anti-Virus, let’s see what the experts have to say. In this case, we are consulting AVTEST, an independent security firm based out of Germany, that tests and reviews all types of Anti-Virus.


av-test performance

As far as protection, it gets a low score on real world testing which includes 0 day malware attacks inclusive of web and email threats. They get a near perfect score on malware discovered in the last 4 weeks, bring their overall score to a 4.5. While MalwareBytes did not do horrible, it is important to note that protection is the most important test. If an Anti-Virus replacement is to be trusted, it needs to catch almost everything.

av-test performance

Next we have performance, which it seems to do fairly well with. Only applications seem to be affected with a performance hit, leaving web and files virtually unaffected. In the real world, we have never seen MalwareBytes slow down a computer noticeably. It’s always the big, bulky Anti-Virus that is installed that slows the computer down.

av-test usability

Usability is one of those things that you can get over pretty easily. Through AV-TEST’s testing, they found that MalwareBytes flagged quite a few pieces of legitimate software while running a scan. While annoying, this isn’t the worst thing in the world. AV-TEST sticks MalwareBytes with a 4.5 for the amount of false detection it had.

Our Recommendation

If you are rocking the newest version of Windows 10 with Windows Defender running, MalwareBytes Premium is a perfect addition. Windows Defender alone has an almost perfect score on AV Test’s Anti-Virus report. With both running on your computer, you have little to worry about. Whatever Windows Defender doesn’t catch, MalwareBytes will almost immediately catch during it’s deep scan.

Want To Buy MalwareBytes?

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