Cell Phone Location Tracking | NSC #54

Cell Phone Tracking

Let’s explore something that we know can happen and is, in fact, happening whether you opt in or not. Recently there has been quite a bit of news concerning Securus, a prison phone telecom company that has the capability to track an individual’s phone. The main issue that tech sites have been covering is the fact that Securus is allowing law enforcement to real time track whom-ever they please with very little verification. The fact of the matter is the police have the capability to track phones. This sucks, but it’s a reality and has been for some time now. We are not going to get into ethics or politics, but rather how the police or anyone are able to grab the location of your phone whenever they feel it’s necessary. Well it all starts with one simple fact: you carry a phone with you every-where you go. It doesn’t matter if you are going out of town or just up the road, your phone is always within reach of you. Everywhere you go, your phone goes. So what’s easier, traditional surveillance techniques or digital surveillance?



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