NVC 52: OJ Simpson Interrogation Part Three

oj simpson

This interrogation of OJ Simpson was conducted by Philip Vannatter and Thomas Lange, the Los Angeles Police Department’s chief investigators of the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. With this article, we are focusing on the types of questions. Remember in previous articles I have spoke of the value of Cognitive type questioning where we ask the person to commit to a story and then ask the individual(s) “to tell me, explain to me, describe for me”. Remember they are investigating a brutal murder of his ex-wife and Ron Goldman… Look at some of the questions that were asked… In some questions, the detectives give him the answer before he even answers! How many “yes or no” questions??? What dies that yield for useful information to follow up on???

Lange: You never take it in the…
Simpson: Oh, rarely. I mean, I’ll bring it in – and switch the stuff, you know, and stuff like that. I did that yesterday, you know.
Lange: When did you last drive it?
Simpson: Yesterday
Vannatter: What time yesterday?
Simpson: In the morning, in the afternoon.
Vannatter: OK, you left her, you’re saying, about 6:30 or 7, or she left the recital?
Simpson: Yeah.
Vannatter: And you spoke with her parents?
Simpson: Yeah, we were just sitting there talking.
Vannatter: OK, what time did you leave the recital?
Simpson: Right about that time. We were all leaving. We were all leaving then. Her mother said something about me joining them for dinner, and I said no thanks.
Vannatter: Where did you go from there, OJ?
Simpson: Ah, home, home for a while, got my car for a while, tried to find my girlfriend for a while, came back to the house.
Vannatter: Who was home when you got home?
Simpson: Kato.
Vannatter: Kato? Anybody else? Was your daughter there, Arnelle?
Simpson: No.
Vannatter: Isn’t that her name, Arnelle?
Simpson: Arnelle, yeah.
Vannatter: So what time do you think you got back home, actually physically got home?
Simpson: Seven-something.
Vannatter: Seven-something? And then you left, and…
Simpson: Yeah, I’m trying to think, did I leave? You know, I’m always …I had to run and get my daughter some flowers. I was actually doing the recital, so I rushed and got her some flowers, and I came home, and then I called Paula as I was going to her house, and Paula wasn’t home.
Vannatter: Paula is your girlfriend?
Simpson: Girlfriend, yeah.
Vannatter: Paula who?
Simpson: Barbieri.
Vannatter: Could you spell that for me?
Simpson: B-A-R-B-I-E-R-I.
Vannatter: Do you know an address on her?
Simpson: No, she lives on Wilshire, but I think she’s out of town.
Vannatter: You got a phone number?
Simpson: Yeah (number deleted by STAR).
Vannatter: So you didn’t see her last night?
Simpson: No, we’d been to a big affair the night before, and then I came back home. I was basically at home. I mean, any time I was…whatever time it took me to get to the recital and back, to get to the flower shop and back, I mean, that’s the time I was out of the house.
Vannatter: Were you scheduled to play golf this morning, some place?
Simpson: In Chicago.
Vannatter: What kind of tournament was it?
Simpson: Ah, it was Hertz, with special clients.
Vannatter: Oh, OK. What time did you leave last night, leave the house?
Simpson: To go to the airport?
Vannatter: Mmm hmm.


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