NVC 55: OJ Simpson Interrogation Part Six

oj simpson

This interrogation of OJ Simpson was conducted by Philip Vannatter and Thomas Lange, the Los Angeles Police Department’s chief investigators of the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. With this article, we are focusing on the types of questions. Remember in previous articles I have spoke of the value of Cognitive type questioning where we ask the person to commit to a story and then ask the individual(s) “to tell me, explain to me, describe for me”. Remember they are investigating a brutal murder of his ex-wife and Ron Goldman. Look at some of the questions that were asked. In some questions, the detectives give him the answer before he even answers! How many “yes or no” questions? What does that yield for useful information to follow up on?

Vannatter: So you don’t mind if Gigi uses it, or…
Simpson: This is the only one I can let her use. When she doesn’t have her car, cause sometimes her husband takes her car, I let her use the car.
Lange: When was the last time you were at Nicole’s house?
Simpson: I don’t go in, I won’t go in her house. I haven’t been in her house in a week, maybe five days. I go to her house a lot. I mean, I’m always dropping the kids off, picking the kids up, fooling around with the dog, you know.
Vannatter: How does that usually work? Do you drop them at the porch, or do you go in with them?
Simpson: No, I don’t go in the house.
Vannatter: Is there a kind of gate out front?
Simpson: Yeah.
Vannatter: But you never go inside the house? Better question: “When do you go inside the house, when was the last time you went in the house?”
Simpson: Up until about five days, six days ago, I haven’t been in the house. Once I started seeing Paula again, I kind of avoid Nicole.
Vannatter: Is Nicole seeing anybody else that you…
Simpson: I have no idea. I really have absolutely no idea. I don’t ask her. I don’t know. Her and her girlfriends, they go out, you know, they’ve got some things going on right now with her girlfriends, so I’m assuming something’s happening because one of the girlfriends is having a big problem with her husband because she’s always saying she’s with Nicole until three or four in the morning. She’s not. You know, Nicole tells me she leaves her at 1:30 or 2 or 2:30, and the girl doesn’t get home until 5, and she only lives a few blocks away.
Vannatter: Something’s going on, huh?
Lange: Do you know where they went, the family, for dinner last night?
Simpson: No. Well, no, I didn’t ask.
Lange: I just thought maybe there’s a regular place that they go. Better Question “Is there a regular place they go?”
Simpson: No. If I was with them, we’d go to Toscano. I mean, not Toscano, Poponi’s.
Vannatter: You haven’t had any problems with her lately, have you, OJ?
Simpson: I always have problems with her, you know? Our relationship has been a problem relationship. Probably lately for me, and I say this only because I said it to Ron yesterday at the — Ron Fishman, whose wife is Cora — at the dance recital, when he came up to me and went, “Oooh, boy, what’s going on?” and everybody was beefing with everybody. And I said, “Well, I’m just glad I’m out of the mix.” You know, because I was like dealing with him and his problems with his wife and Nicole and evidently some new problems that a guy named Christian was having with his girl, and he was staying at Nicole’s house, and something was going on, but I don’t think it’s pertinent to this.
Vannatter: Did Nicole have words with you last night?
Simpson: Pardon me?
Vannatter: Did Nicole have words with you last night?
Simpson: No, not at all.
Vannatter: Did you talk to her last night? Better Question:”When was the last time you spoke to Nicole?”
Simpson: To ask to speak to my daughter, to congratulate my daughter and everything.
Vannatter: But you didn’t have a conversation with her?
Simpson: No, no.
Vannatter: What were you wearing last night, OJ?
Simpson: What did I wear on the golf course yesterday? Some of these kind of pants, some of these kind of pants — I mean I changed different for whatever it was. I just had on some…
Vannatter: Just these black pants.
Simpson: Just these…They’re called Bugle Boy.
Vannatter: These aren’t the pants?
Simpson: No.
Vannatter: Where are the pants that you wore?
Simpson: They’re hanging in my closet.
Vannatter: These are washable, right? You just throw them in the laundry?
Simpson: Yeah, I got 100 pair. They give them to me free, Bugle Boys, so I’ve got a bunch of them.
Vannatter: Do you recall coming home and hanging them up, or…? “What did you do when you got home?”


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