NVC 56: OJ Simpson Interrogation Part Seven

oj simpson

This interrogation of OJ Simpson was conducted by Philip Vannatter and Thomas Lange, the Los Angeles Police Department’s chief investigators of the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. With this article, we are focusing on the types of questions . Remember in previous articles I have spoke of the value of Cognitive type questioning where we ask the person to commit to a story and then ask the individual (s) “to tell me , explain to me, describe for me”. Remember they are investigating a brutal murder of his ex-wife and Ron Goldman…look at some of the questions that were asked… In some questions, the detectives give him the answer before he even answers!

Vannatter: Do you recall coming home and hanging them up, or…? Better Question:What did you do when you got home?
Simpson: I always hang up my clothes. I mean, it’s rare that I don’t hang up my clothes unless I’m laying them in my bathroom for her to do something with them, but those are the only things I don’t hang up. But when you play golf, you don’t necessarily dirty pants.
Lange: What kind of shoes were you wearing?
Simpson: Tennis shoes.
Lange: Tennis shoes? Do you know what kind?
Simpson: Probably Reebok, that’s all I wear.
Lange: Are they at home, too?
Simpson: Yeah
Lange: Was this supposed to be a short trip to Chicago, so you didn’t take a whole lot?
Simpson: Yeah, I was coming back today.
Lange: Just overnight?
Simpson: Yeah.
Vannatter: That’s a hectic schedule, drive back here to play golf and come back.
Simpson: Yeah, but I do it all the time.
Vannatter: Do you?
Simpson: Yeah. That’s what I was complaining with the driver about, you know, about my whole life is on and off airplanes.
Vannatter: OJ, we’ve got sort of a problem.
Simpson: Mmm hmm.
Vannatter: We’ve got some blood on and in your car, we’ve got some blood at your house, and sort of a problem.
Simpson: Well, take my blood test.
Lange: Well, we’d like to do that. We’ve got, of course, the cut on your finger that you aren’t real clear on. Do you recall having that cut on your finger the last time you were at Nicole’s house?
Simpson: A week ago?
Lange: Yeah.
Simpson: No. It was last night.
Lange: OK, so last night you cut it.
Vannatter: Somewhere after the recital?
Simpson: Somewhere when I was rushing to get out of my house.
Vannatter: OK, after the recital.
Simpson: Yeah.
Vannatter: What do you think happened? Do you have any idea?
Simpson: I have no idea, man. You guys haven’t told me anything. I have no idea. When you said to my daughter, who said something to me today, that somebody else might have been involved, I have absolutely no idea what happened. I don’t know how, why or what. But you guys haven’t told me anything. Every time I ask you guys, you say you’re going to tell me in a bit.
Vannatter: Well, we don’t know a lot of answers to these questions yet ourselves, OJ, OK?
Simpson: I’ve got a bunch of guns, guns all over the place. You can take them, they’re all there. I mean, you can see them. I keep them in my car for an incident that happened a month ago that my in-laws, my wife and everybody knows about that.
Vannatter: What was that?
Simpson: Going down to…and cops down there know about it because I’ve told two marshals about it. At a mall, I was going down for a christening, and I had just left — and it was like 3:30 in the morning, and I’m in a lane, and also the car in front of me is going real slow, and I’m slowing down ’cause I figure he sees a cop, ’cause we were all going pretty fast. And I’m going to change lanes, but there’s a car next to me, and I can’t change lanes. Then that goes for a while, and I’m going to slow down and go around him but the car butts up to me, and I’m like caught between three cars. They were Oriental guys, and they were not letting me go anywhere. And finally I went on the shoulder, and I sped up, and then I held my phone up so they could see the light part of it, you know, ’cause I have tinted windows, and they kind of scattered, and I chased one of them for a while to make him think I was chasing him before I took off.
Lange: Were you in the Bronco?
Simpson: No.


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