NVC 58: OJ Simpson Interrogation Part Nine

oj simpson

This interrogation of OJ Simpson was conducted by Philip Vannatter and Thomas Lange, the Los Angeles Police Department’s chief investigators of the murders of Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman. We are focusing on the types of questions. Remember in previous articles I have spoke of the value of cognitive type questioning where we ask the person to commit to a story and then ask the individual(s) “to tell me, explain to me, describe for me”. They’re investigating a brutal murder of his ex-wife and Ron Goldman. During questioning, the detectives give him the answer before he even answers!

Vannatter: Seventeen years. Did you ever hit her, OJ?
Simpson: Ah, one night we had a fight. We had a fight, and she hit me. And they never took my statement, they never wanted to hear my side, and they never wanted to hear the housekeeper’s side. Nicole was drunk. She did her thing, she started tearing up my house, you know? I didn’t punch her or anything, but I…
Vannatter: …slapped her a couple of times.
Simpson: No, no, I wrestled her, is what I did. I didn’t slap her at all. I mean, Nicole’s a strong girl. She’s a…one of the most conditioned women. Since that period of time, she’s hit me a few times, but I’ve never touched her after that, and I’m telling you, it’s five-six years ago.
Vannatter: What is her birth date?
Simpson: May 19th.
Vannatter: Did you get together with her on her birthday?
Simpson: Yeah, her and I and the kids, I believe.
Vannatter: Did you give her a gift?
Simpson: I gave her a gift.
Vannatter: What did you give her?
Simpson: I gave her either a bracelet or the earrings.
Vannatter: Did she keep them or…
Simpson: Oh, no, when we split she gave me both the earrings and the bracelet back. I bought her a very nice bracelet — I don’t know if it was Mother’s Day or her birthday — and I bought her the earrings for the other thing, and when we split — and it’s a credit to her — she felt that it wasn’t right that she had it, and I said good because I want them back.
Vannatter: Was that the very day of her birthday, May 19, or was it a few days later?
Simpson: What do you mean?
Vannatter: You gave it to her on the 19th of May, her birthday, right, this bracelet?
Simpson: I may have given her the earrings. No, the bracelet, May 19th. When was Mother’s Day?
Vannatter: Mother’s Day was around that…
Simpson: No, it was probably her birthday, yes.
Vannatter: And did she return it the same day?
Simpson: Oh, no, she…I’m in a funny place here on this, all right? She returned it — both of them — three weeks ago or so, because when I say I’m in a funny place on this it was because I gave it to my girlfriend and told her it was for her, and that was three weeks ago. I told her I bought it for her. You know? What am I going to do with it?
Lange: Did Mr. Weitzman, your attorney, talk to you anything about this polygraph we brought up before? What are your thoughts on that?
Simpson: Should I talk about my thoughts on that? I’m sure eventually I’ll do it, but it’s like I’ve got some weird thoughts now. I’ve had weird thoughts…you know when you’ve been with a person for 17 years, you think everything. I’ve got to understand what this thing is. If it’s true blue, I don’t mind doing it.
Lange: Well, you’re not compelled at all to take this thing, number one, and number two — I don’t know if Mr. Weitzman explained it to you — this goes to the exclusion of someone as much as the inclusion so we can eliminate people. And just to get things straight.
Simpson: But does it work for elimination?
Lange: Oh, yes. We use it for elimination more than anything.
Simpson: Well, I’ll talk to him about it.
Lange: Understand, the reason we’re talking to you is because you’re the ex-husband.
Simpson: I know, I’m the number one target, and now you tell me I’ve got blood all over the place.
Lange: Well, there’s blood at your house in the driveway, and we’ve got a search warrant, and we’re going to go get the blood. We found some in your house. Is that your blood that’s there?
Simpson: If it’s dripped, it’s what I dripped running around trying to leave.
Lange: Last night?
Simpson: Yeah, and I wasn’t aware that it was…I was aware that I… You know, I was trying to get out of the house. I didn’t even pay any attention to it, I saw it when I was in the kitchen, and I grabbed a napkin or something, and that was it. I didn’t think about it after that.
Vannatter: That was last night after you got home from the recital, when you were rushing?

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