Guardian Serrated

Guardian Serrated


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The Serrated Guardian

This is the production model of the one at a time made Military version of this blade that retails for 650.00.

The Serration on this version is a cutting serration and is very sharp. (Compared to a tearing serration on the Military version)

The following edge behind the tip is ground to a 40 angle and is not a sharpened edge, it is a following edge to the point thus keeping the tip very strong.

The Guardian came about as a collaboration between Skallywag, Grays Custom and Michael Donvito. The Guardian has over 4 years and $100,000.00 in development. This is a very serious blade designed for very serious people. There is a trainer available for this blade and we do offer private training on the use of this blade. This is one of the few blades that was designed around a methodology of use rather than a method of use designed around the blade. We are proud of this blade and are pleased to be able to offer it to you at this price point.

10″ long

1.50″ wide

.25″ thick

.65 Lbs. with sheath.

D2 Tool Steel

G10 Black Scales

PVD Black and FDE Coating


Skallywag Tactical

Our mission is to manufacture the highest quality tools for people who’s lives depend on the tools they carry. We are US Veteran owned and operated. We strive to manufacture with exacting tolerances using only the very best materials. Our professional line of products are all made here in the USA with US sourced materials. We also offer a value added line of lower cost products manufactured outside the US to give most anyone the chance to own a piece of the Skallywag Tactical line of tools. These tools undergo our precise inspection process and every aspect of manufacture is scrutinized. Our goal is to give the very best customer service to our valued customers and work with precision and integrity. Owning a piece of our labor does not just make you a customer it makes you part of the family.

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