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AnonAddy: Email Compartmentalization | NSC #81

If it were possible to keep up with 20 to 30 different email addresses, we’d do it to compartmentalize our accounts, loyalty cards, family members we don’t like, etc. It’s not possible to remember more than maybe three to five different email addresses, so we look for simpler solutions. So let’s look at AnonAddy, an…
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Why Your Current Email Provider Sucks | NSC #76

Email Providers Want to know how bad your email provider is? Scroll down for a few examples from many popular email providers. Gmail Google Explains Exactly How It Reads All Your Email – April 14, 2014 Google admits it’s reading your emails – April 15, 2014 Google will no longer read your emails to personalise…
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Mailfence Encrypted Email | NSC #69

Mailfence is a Belgium based email service that supports PGP without any third party software or addons. This allows you to send encrypted messages to and from user of Protonmail, Thunderbird w/ Enigmail or any other platform that supports PGP. With Mailfence, you do all of this from the web interface with little to no…
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NSC 59: Protonmail External PGP Support

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