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windows password reset

Windows Password Reset | NSC #79

Physical Security Physical security is very important when it comes to important things in our daily lives. It’s the reason we lock up our valuables, our homes, and our cars. We want to keep our stuff safe, but that doesn’t really translate to the digital world. People typically feel confident leaving their computers unattended as…
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keeshare synchronize test

KeeShare: Secure Password Sharing | NSC #78

Secure Password Sharing We talk about storing passwords a lot, but what about sharing passwords? If your child asks you for your Netflix password, how do you get it to them? What about shared work accounts? In this article, we will offer a secure alternative to texting your passwords: KeeShare. Password Sharing Options There are…
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Why Does My Password Matter? | NSC #68

Encryption Whether it be full disk encryption, PGP, Veracrypt containers, or any other way to encrypt a file or a message, you need a good password to protect it. This is especially important when protecting sensitive information. Without a good password, you don’t have good encryption, period. Let’s take AES-256 for instance, a 256 bit…
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OnlyKey: Hardware Password Manager | NSC #62

OnlyKey The OnlyKey is a really easy to use hardware password manager. It allows you to store 12 unique user accounts on the device. Each account requires a unique physical interaction on the device to activate. Couple this with a software password manager and you can use it for thousands of unique accounts. The OnlyKey…
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