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Decentraleyes: A Local CDN Browser Add-On | NSC #80

Every time you reach out to a website, you are actually reaching out to multiple websites at the same time. Oftentimes, website owners will use Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) to serve resources. They do this to help improve page load time and to eliminate the update cycle for each resource. jQuery, a script that runs…
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windows password reset

Windows Password Reset | NSC #79

Physical Security Physical security is very important when it comes to important things in our daily lives. It’s the reason we lock up our valuables, our homes, and our cars. We want to keep our stuff safe, but that doesn’t really translate to the digital world. People typically feel confident leaving their computers unattended as…
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MalwareBytes Premium | NSC #77

Overview MalwareBytes has been a trusted name throughout the cybersecurity industry for years. We have used MalwareBytes Free throughout our courses since the beginning of our Non-Standard Communications course. By now, thousands of our students have downloaded and used it on their personal and work computers. We have never had a reason to use or…
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Why Your Current Email Provider Sucks | NSC #76

Email Providers Want to know how bad your email provider is? Scroll down for a few examples from many popular email providers. Gmail Google Explains Exactly How It Reads All Your Email – April 14, 2014 Google admits it’s reading your emails – April 15, 2014 Google will no longer read your emails to personalise…
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Private File Sharing with OnionShare | NSC #73

OnionShare OnionShare uses the TOR network to securely and anonymously send or receive files with a remote party anywhere in the world. It does this by temporarily spinning up a TOR node on your computer, creating a unique TOR site, and allowing the remote party to either download or upload from the TOR browser. Security…
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NSC 67: Whisply & OnlyKey Updates

Secure File Transferring with Whisply With encryption becoming more popular in recent years, there is no lack of means to send encrypted files in this digital age. The only issue we face is the ease of use with some of these tools. As we saw with Boxcryptor in our last issue, it is possible to…
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NSC 66: Using Cloud Storage Securely with Boxcryptor

Cloud Storage Cloud storage is a wonderful thing, it allows us to upload a backup of our files anywhere in the world. We can access our files at any point we choose. This is a great convenience brought to us by the internet and big data companies. Like all things, with great convenience comes great…
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NVC 48: Aviation Security

There are many people in the field of Aviation Security who feel the problem with aviation Security in the United States is that we are too focused on the item and not the person. Focusing on a passenger’s demeanor and subsequent answers to simple trip story questions can reveal possible deception and maybe even evidence…
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NSC 49: Purism Librem 13

Purism Purism is a company that focuses on privacy centric devices using non-proprietary software and hardware with the user’s choice in mind. Their primary goal is to give the user choice and freedom to use their device exactly how they want. They do this in several ways, the first being the most obvious: hardware switches.…
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