Touchpoint International Development Group Inc. (Touchpoint) is a Service-Disabled Veteran Owned Small Business, specialized training, logistics, and security services provider comprised of former special operations personnel, government operatives, and other subject matter experts (SMEs). We bring decades of applied special operations, special activities, and law enforcement experience to each engagement, allowing us to leverage the knowledge, skills, and abilities our team members have accrued in various operational capacities around the world.

What makes Touchpoint different? Sure, we have great SMEs but so does every other tactical company. We are loyal from the beginning to the end; we still serve clients from our inception and our client base has grown exponentially. Everything we do is done with the client in mind, from our free newsletters, to our PGP encrypted reach back system. When building this company, we knew if we wanted to be in for the long haul, we would have to give a lot to get a little back from the communities. Touchpoint employees remember the days of getting courses from “SMEs” and once they left, they were never to be heard from again- not so with Touchpoint. All the services we provide are tailored specifically to the client, from the training schedules, to the selected instructor SMEs, to our Culmination Exercises. We are always available to the client and we pride ourselves on the ease of reach back to our SMEs. When you want a good doughnut, you go to the maker not the gas station and our SMEs are the doughnut makers of their specialty.

We tailor our specialized training to meet your requirement by providing instructors and staff to walk you through the training development process. With each training engagement, our instructors ensure the students walk away with a profound understanding of each subject and the instructors stay each day until all questions are answered. When the training ends, we still provide 24/7 support to assist with questions about the training provided and every student will receive two monthly newsletters with the latest developments in the tactical and technical world.

In addition to providing a wide scope of consulting and training packages tailored to fit each client’s needs, we also advise and partner with some of the most respected and innovative technology and tactical companies around the world. This enables us to provide our clients with the highest-quality equipment and related services available today. We partner with the companies requested by our clients to enhance their capabilities. With our established
partnerships, we can provide equipment and supplies for lower costs than our competitors with a much shorter delivery time.

We appreciate every customer we have and we take our customer service very serious. We  thank everyone for considering our small business as a provider for your units and we will never take your service and loyalty for granted.